Föreläsningsturné om PCT v.12

Nu har ni som missade mig när jag föreläste på Fotomässan i höstas chansen att komma och lyssna på mig när jag berättar om min vandring längs Pacific Crest Trail på någon av Scandinavian Photos butiker i vecka 12!

Tillsammans med SONY kommer jag åka runt i landet och prata om vandringen och vikten av att följa sina drömmar! Föreläsningarna är gratis och äger alltså rum på Scandinavian Photos butiker i respektive stad. Jag börjar vid kl 17.15 och pratar ca en timma, sedan kommer jag finnas på plats för eventuella frågor. Läs mer och boka er plats på någon av länkarna nedan!

Malmö 20/3

Bankeryd (Jönköping) 21/3

Mölndal 22/3

Oslo 23/3

Stockholm (Sveavägen) 25/3

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  • Krister Ivehult
    22 mars, 2017 at 20:07

    Hallå Linda…
    Kommer tyvärr att missa din föreläsning på Scandinavian Photo i Stockholm på lördag, p.g.a. att jag
    glömt att boka. Hade så gärna velat se och lyssna på dig och din föreläsning.
    Kommer du att ha någon / några fler föreläsningar om Pacific Crest Trial?
    Om ja, i så fall när och var?

    M.v.h. Krister (inbiten vandrare)

    • lindaakerberg
      23 mars, 2017 at 10:36

      Hej Krister,
      Vad tråkigt! I nuläget har jag inga fler föreläsningar inbokade i Stockholm, men du kan testa att gå till butiken ändå. Finns det plats släpper de in fler. Men med reservation för att det kan bli fullt.
      Med vänlig hälsning, Linda


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...heter Linda Åkerberg. Jag är 32 år, fotograf, ursprungligen från Karlstad men numera bosatt i Stockholm. Läs mer om mig här


Someone once asked me if I didn't loose track of the days hiking the PCT. My answer was 'No, it was actually the opposite, I could easily recall the days, even months back. We just didn't call them by the name we use in "normal life". In the wild we simply referred to them after what made them special.' This is for example a pic from "Fog Day" (or as all the others would call it, May 6) last year. 
PCT, mile ~426
How do you prepare for a hike on a trail you never been on before? Read about my second step in my preparation for Everest Base Camp trek: Setting a time schedule, at wilderness-stories.com (link in bio)
Pic from PCT mile ~1973, in one of the weirdest landscapes I've ever seen: the lava fields in Oregon.
Passing the 2600-mile marker on the PCT was a big thing for me. Being the last 100-marker with only 50 mile to go it was clear that I was gonna complete the entire trail. Now I've seen that I've also passed 2600 followers here on Instagram! I'm so happy for all of you and that you want to follow me on my adventures! Hearing from you, meeting you and hear your own stories is what keeps me going - so from the bottom I'm my heart, THANK YOU! ❤️
One year ago today, on June 5th 2016, I summited my very first mountain, Mount Whitney on a side trail of the PCT. With its 14505 ft / 4421 meter it counts as the highest mountain in the "lower 48" (the U.S. except the 2 states of Alaska and Hawaii). It was a bit tricky in the snow, but we all made it! I know there's a lot more snow in the Sierras this year so I wish all the thruhikers of 2017 all the best and also want to send them a reminder to stay safe. If Whitney feels to risky when you pass it, you can always do it later. The mountains won't go anywhere. ❤️
If you have a dream or something you really want to do, it can be a little bit scary to make it happen. We make up ideas about why now isn't the right time, why it's better to do it later. But the truth is that there's no better time than right now. Don't push forward your dreams. Make them happen. ☀️
Me after my first full day of kayaking last week. It was a bit scary and on this pic I'm super tired but so happy at the same time because I finally did it! And it was so much fun!
If there's something you feel like trying, just do it. Don't make up excuses for why now isn't the best time. Yesterday I rented a kayak and crossed through the islands in the Stockholm archipelago for the very first time. I moved here 13 years ago and I can't believe it's took me so long to do this! 
Good side with the story though: It's never to late.
2:30 in the morning and the sun is slowly rising over the Baltic Sea. I just love those bright summer nights. ❤️
Spent the whole day yesterday in the beautiful Nacka nature reserve just outside Stockholm. It's amazing how fast you can get out in nature, even in such a big city as the capital of Sweden! From the stockholm central station it's less then a 30 minutes drive and with the metro it will go even faster!
Tried a new form of workout yesterday: I put my backpack on and cycled to the store for some grocery shopping. 15K and 15kg on my back surely made me feel both good and exhausted afterwards!

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