Frukost i vildmarken

Recept : Frukostgröt

Under Höga Kusten Winter Classic bjöd Outmeals deltagarna på några av sina frystorkade rätter, bl.a. sina olika frukosträtter. Dessa är väldigt bra och smidiga, men om man vill spara både pengar och vikt (portionspåsarna kan innehålla mer än du behöver och dessutom väger påsarna en del i sig),  är det väldigt enkelt att göra sin egen!

Jag valde att spara mina frukostportioner och hade istället med mig min hemmagjorda havregrynsgröt som jag anpassat efter matlagningssituationen i vildmarken. Så här gör du den:

Ingredienser, per portion

Den här mängden är anpassad efter hur mycket jag äter till frukost. Testa gärna att mixa en portion hemma och ät till frukost för att se om du behöver mer eller mindre.

  • 1 dl havregryn 
  • 2 msk mjölkpulver (använd mjölkpulver för barn, det innehåller fler kalorier. Vissa mjökpulver för vuxna innehåller inga alls.) 
  • 1 tsk socker 
  • 1 krm salt 
  • Torkade bär efter smak.

Gör så här

  • Blanda havregryn, mjölkpulver, socker och salt i en bunke. Multiplicera mängden med hur många dagar du tänk att vara ute och lägg till minst en extra dag. (Ska du vara ute 3 dagar blir det alltså 1 dl x  4 (3+1) dagar = 4 dl havregryn)
  • Mixa med en stavmixer. Blandningen ska bli ganska pulveriserad, men låt den innehålla några större gryn efter tycke.
  • Addera torkade bär och häll mixen i en fryspåse en ziplås. Tryck ur all luft innan du stänger den sista biten och lägg i en extra fryspåse.
  • När du vill laga till gröten, häll i önskad mängd i din kåsa och koka upp vatten i din kastrull. Häll över så det täcker blandningen och rör om. Häll på mer vatten efter behov och smak. Gröten går att äta nästan direkt, men om du har en mer grovgrynig mix, bör du vänta lite så att grynen hinner dra åt sig vattnet.

Smaklig spis!

4 kommentarer

  • Maria
    12 april, 2016 at 08:28

    Jättebra tips på hemmagjord frukost istället för de dyra tunga påsarna från vildmarksbutikerna. Tack!

    • lindaakerberg
      13 april, 2016 at 00:26

      Tack, vad kul att du gillar det! Hoppas det kan komma till användning för dig! Jag gillar även att man kan förpacka alla dagarnas frukost i en förpackning istället för att ha med sig massa olika som man sedan miste släpa vidare på till man hittar en skräpkorg. Sparar vikt och volym!

  • Christofer
    3 februari, 2017 at 11:14

    Inspirerande gjort liknande men att Mixa med stavmixer måste jag prova på! (kanske krossa pasta i en mortel att testa)..

    • lindaakerberg
      8 februari, 2017 at 15:52

      Också en bra idé! Jag gör så för att jag tycker det går snabbare att få gröten klar när grynen är mindre. Då kan man äta nästan direkt.


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Jag som driver bloggen

...heter Linda Åkerberg. Jag är 32 år, fotograf, ursprungligen från Karlstad men numera bosatt i Stockholm. Läs mer om mig här


Back in Stockholm after a wonderful week at the High Coast, Sweden. Been biking, hiking, climbing, camping, filming and so much more. Last night was spend on this magical island at the hostel @hogbonden - an old lighthouse that’s the only building on the island (except for its sauna that’s located on the cliffs by the sea). Can highly recommend a stop here if you visit the High Coast!
#thehighcoast #lighthousephotography #lighthouse #remarkableplaces #islandgetaway #sunset #kvinnligaäventyrare #lovelife #hostelliving #hostel #countrysideliving #unescoworldheritage #unesco #sonya7riii #nightphotography #landscape #wanderlust #beautifulplaces #instatravel #igtravel
Leave nothing but foot prints.👣 - The most obvious “rule” there is in nature, but unfortunately we need to be reminded over and over again. Right now @hallsverigerent and @naturkompaniet has a campaign where you get this bag at their stores - for free! Just ask at the desk. The bag is washable and perfect for storing your trash when you’re out so you easily can bring it home. .
Another way to reduce the amount of trash in nature is also to not bring any in the first place! Bring water in reusable bottles, food in your own lunch boxes, snacks that’s not wrapped in paper or no single use plates or cutlery. For example.
#bringyourownchallenge .
#leavenothingbutfootprints #leavenotrace #bethechange #beatplasticpollution #hållsverigerent #savetheocean #savetheenvironment #plogga #
Yesterday I wrote about the weather conditions in the Swedish mountains during the summer. This pic is from Hemavan last year. Even if the weather was clear and sunny when I started driving towards the mountains and the start of the trail ‘Kungsleden’, this is what the weather looked liked only one hour from where I started. As the text said, if your going up the mountains, always be prepared for weather changes!
You can read the full text at: (link in bio)
#mywildernessstory #swedishmountains #kungsleden #hemavan #tärnaby #rainydays #mountainsafety #safetyfirst #sonya7rii #naturephotography #landscapephotography #kvinnligaäventyrare
Thinking about hiking in the Swedish mountains this summer? Even though it’s summertime, the weather can still be harsh in the mountains. Rain, wind and even frost is common, even this time of the year. The Swedish counsel for Mountain Safety, ’Fjällsäkerhetsrådet’, has therefore put together a text about how you stay safe in the mountains! 
You find it at my website at: (link in bio)
#mywildernessstory #swedishmountains #kungsleden #hemavan #tärnaby #rainydays #mountainsafety #safetyfirst #sonya7rii #sonyportraits #kvinnligaäventyrare
Happy 4th of July everybody! 🇺🇸🎉
Three years ago, I visited the United States for the very first time and it sure was love at first sight. That time I stayed a month, the year after I came back for 6 months and hiked across the country along the 2660 mile long Pacific Crest Trail. A journey that sure changed my life. Since then I’ve been back two times and I can’t hardly wait till next time.
I might not agree with the politics in the country, but I love the nature and the people I’ve met along my journeys are the most loving and generous people I’ve ever met.
So cheers to ‘Merica today and cheers to all my lovely friends over there! 🎉😘💕🇺🇸
Pic from PCT, just before Kearsarge pass, 2016
#pct #pctig #pct2016 #pct2018 #pcta #sierranevada #suerranevadamountains #kearsargepass #themountainsarecalling #hiking #optoutside #kvinnligaäventyrare #neverstopexploring #johnmuirtrail #jmt #mywildernessstory #4thofjuly #independenceday #merica
Since I started using more sustainable products than using the single-use products we get at the restaurants or stores (plastic bags, coffee cups, take away boxes, straws, fruit bags, water bottles etc.), I have really come to understand how much trash we’re actually consuming in our daily life and how easy we can do something about it! .
With the #BringYourOwnChallenge I wanted to make more people aware of this. Now I want to challenge ALL OF YOU to try and accept the challenge as well! It’s super easy and it will help spread the word how easy you can make the world a better place! 💕
This is how it works:
☀️Bring your own reusable item and say no to single-use.
☀️Post a photo of it & challenge a friend to do the same!
☀️Tag #BringYourOwnChallenge
#bringyourownchallenge #beatplasticpollution #teatime #forsustainableliving #bringyourown #savetheocean #hållsverigerent #savetheplanet #protectearth #earth #environment #ecosystem #protecttheearth #bethechange #dowhatyoucan #liveauthentically #liveclean #giftfritt
The @viaferrata at Skuleberget in the High Coast in Sweden, Europe’s biggest Via Ferrata center. The center has many different routes, both for beginners and more experienced climbers. This is where I first tried climbing in 2015, after years of wanting to try. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to climb here again since then. Can’t wait to get back here soon! .
#mywildernessstory #climbing #climbinggirls #moutaingirls #highcoast #högakusten #viaferrata #viaferratasweden #skuleberget #followyourdreams #kvinnligaäventyrare #neverstopexploring #optoutside #themountainsarecalling
Isn’t it fascinating how different we people are? I just love being on the road, to always have something going on. Right now I have four or five places that I call home. This, the back of my van, is one of them. Some (or quite many I guess) would find it weird to not wanna have one stable spot and to always be in the move. And honestly, I have tried to live that way and it only makes me feel unhappy. As the years have passed and I’ve got to know myself better and better, I’ve realized that THIS is how I want to live my life. Always moving, never knowing what tomorrow will bring. 
I’m not saying that it’s wrong to wanna live the other way, or any other way for that sake. It’s only makes us human more and more interesting. It’s the difference between us that makes us special. 💕✨
Tomorrow I’ll be heading towards the west coast to talk about following your heart and to believe in yourself and dreams. Hope to see some of you at ‘Fotografi Falkenberg’ on Sunday!
#findyourself #neverstopexploring #liveyourlife #hikeyourownhike #loveyourself #dreams #vagabond #vanlife #kvinnligaäventyrare #sonya7rii #playmemoriesmobile
Dear friends, I need your help! 🙏
For a while now I’ve gotten more and more interested in getting a sailboat. They’re much cheaper than other boats and are basically the same as a van - but at sea! A mobile home that can take you anywhere the van can’t! 
I don’t know much about sailing though - or boats, but I guess I’ll have to learn along the way - and what would be a better way to learn than to get one!?
So please hit me with your best tips and advice! I want to know everything from what to think of when buying one to the actual art of sailing. 
Ohoy! 🙏⛵️💕
#sailboatlife #sailinglife #sailingboat #archipelago #stockholmarchipelago #dreams #visions #mobilehome #vanlife #compactliving #mywildernessstory #justdoit #neverstopexploring #whynot #dramaticsky #ocean #sonya7rii #sonyalpha

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