Jag föreläser på Utefest!

Jag är otroligt glad att kunna meddela att jag kommer föreläsa om Pacific Crest Trail på festivalen Utefest i Höga kusten i höst! Dessutom kommer jag att ha med mig min utställning med bilder från leden! Festivalen äger rum 8-10 september och är, som arrangören själv utrycker det ”en mötesplats för både nybörjare och elit.

Min Fjällräven Polar video

Sitter just nu på Arlanda och väntar på att få boarda flyget till Göteborg. Imorgon kommer jag som jag tidigare berättat om föreläsa på Scandinavian Photo Expo om Pacific Crest Trail och Fjällräven Polar. Till detta har jag satt ihop en video som jag självklart måste dela med er också! – – –

Fjällräven Polar 2017

Gnistrande sol, snöflingor som yr. Sylvassa berg som dramatiskt sträcker sig mot den klarblå himlen, milslång sikt över den arktiska tundran. 300 km vildmark och det enda som bryter naturens tystnad är dina egna andetag, hundarnas tassar som springer över snön och släden som susar fram under din kropp. Utrustad med den bästa av utrustning,

Imorgon startar Fjällräven Polar!

I mitten av december, några dagar innan julafton, fick jag det glädjande beskedet att jag som en av två svenskar och som juryns val skulle få delta i 2017 års upplaga av Fjällrävens Polar – en ca 300 km lång resa genom nordligaste Sverige med hundspann! Sedan dess har jag inte fått veta särskilt mycket mer, den enda infon jag har fått

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Jag som driver bloggen

...heter Linda Åkerberg. Jag är 32 år, fotograf, ursprungligen från Karlstad men numera bosatt i Stockholm. Läs mer om mig här


The beautiful High Coast Bridge. 🌉
Yesterday I posted about @jerryengstrom and the outdoor village @friluftsbyn that is located here in the UNESCO World Heritage "The High Coast"
The High Coast on the Swedish east coast and has gotten its name from the dramatic change in nature where the coastline have raised about 300 meters since the ice age (which actually is a world record)! This has made a deep impact on nature which is characterized by steep mountains and deep seas and forests. The area is great for kayaking, climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities.
This, the High coast bride is a beautiful landmark and also sort of a gateway to this beautiful area that reaches from Härnösand to Örnsköldsvik. This is definitely a must see in Sweden!
I'm very proud to present the next person to share his story at #MYWILDERNESSSTORY : @jerryengstrom, founder of @friluftsbyn.
Jerry worked in a very high position at @fjallravenofficial when he one day decided to quit his job to follow his dream to create a meeting point for outdoor enthusiasts in the UNESCO World Heritage The High Coast in Sweden. He wanted to "live within the nature, not talk about it".
Today is @friluftsbyn one of the biggest meeting points in sweden for outdoor activities and it arranges plenty of festivals and events each year such as Utefest and the High Coast Winter Classic. Isn't it amazing how much you can do if you find your passion and start working for your dream to become true? ❤️👊
Read Jerry's full story at wilderness-stories.com (link in bio)
📸: @sjbrgprod
When I was younger I used to hate winter. I just thought it was cold and that there was nothing to do. Today I've totally changed my mind, the winter is amazing! And there's so many things you can do. Why not dress warm this weekend and go out for a winter hike! ❄️
For me, 2017 was a year full of traveling and one trip I haven't really written much about is my trip to Switzerland in September. It was such an amazing trip and it really opened up my eyes for this magical country. I can't wait to publish my story and show you my pics from it! Coming soon at wilderness-stories.com!
#inlovewithswitzerland #neverstopexploring #northfacemountainfestival #mywildernessstory
As this new year starts I also start to feel ready for new adventures! What should I do next? I have some shorter trips coming up but I'm looking for a bigger project as well! What do you want to see me doing? 😀
First swim of the year - check! ✅
Let's see what more this new year can bring. 2018: Hit me! 💕
Christmas is over and now there's only a few days left of this year. I just love this time of year when you naturally get to stop and have a look at your life. Are the path you're walking on taking you the way you want or is it time to stop and start walking in another direction? Only you have the power to make that decision.
Today is a good day to check whether you see things from the bright side or tend to see the negative aspect. As its the winter solstice today it means that you can either look at it as the darkest day of the year - or the day when it starts to get brighter and brighter again!
The choice is yours, I know what i choose. ☀️
Pic of the full moon over Crater Lake, Oregon during my PCT hike 2016.
Kayaking along the Swedish east coast in winter time might be amazing, but it wouldn't be the same without the awesome people in the group I'm traveling with. This is two of them, Elle from @ellesutemat and her sweet dog Iris. ❤️

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