Jag föreläser på Utefest!

Jag är otroligt glad att kunna meddela att jag kommer föreläsa om Pacific Crest Trail på festivalen Utefest i Höga kusten i höst! Dessutom kommer jag att ha med mig min utställning med bilder från leden! Festivalen äger rum 8-10 september och är, som arrangören själv utrycker det ”en mötesplats för både nybörjare och elit.

Min Fjällräven Polar video

Sitter just nu på Arlanda och väntar på att få boarda flyget till Göteborg. Imorgon kommer jag som jag tidigare berättat om föreläsa på Scandinavian Photo Expo om Pacific Crest Trail och Fjällräven Polar. Till detta har jag satt ihop en video som jag självklart måste dela med er också! – – –

Fjällräven Polar 2017

Gnistrande sol, snöflingor som yr. Sylvassa berg som dramatiskt sträcker sig mot den klarblå himlen, milslång sikt över den arktiska tundran. 300 km vildmark och det enda som bryter naturens tystnad är dina egna andetag, hundarnas tassar som springer över snön och släden som susar fram under din kropp. Utrustad med den bästa av utrustning,

Imorgon startar Fjällräven Polar!

I mitten av december, några dagar innan julafton, fick jag det glädjande beskedet att jag som en av två svenskar och som juryns val skulle få delta i 2017 års upplaga av Fjällrävens Polar – en ca 300 km lång resa genom nordligaste Sverige med hundspann! Sedan dess har jag inte fått veta särskilt mycket mer, den enda infon jag har fått

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Jag som driver bloggen

...heter Linda Åkerberg. Jag är 32 år, fotograf, ursprungligen från Karlstad men numera bosatt i Stockholm. Läs mer om mig här


Leaving beautiful Switzerland after almost a week. I'm so stunned by how much beauty this small country has to offer. I've seen everything from green lush valleys to glacier covered mountains, plam trees, pine trees, crystal clear rivers, magnificent cliff walls with never ending waterfalls, alpine lakes and foggy forests. I've been hiking, kayaking, climbing mountains, challenged fears and met the most inspiring people at @thenorthface #mountainfestival. This trip has truly made a mark in my heart. ❤️🇨🇭
Challenge your fears and you'll grow as a person. Today I did the thing I been most worried and scared about since I got interested in climbing mountains - I crossed a crevasse! 😱 And I'm so happy and so proud of myself!!
But you don't have to challenge your biggest fears to grow. By starting with small things it's gonna be easier to deal with the big ones too. Without doing that myself, there's no way I would have dared doing this today!
So go out tonight and do something you worry about! 😉
The world, your life and your dreams are out there. Go grab them! 💕#mywildernessstory
Always say yes to things you want - and tell that negative voice in your head that tell you not to, to shut up! 
I am currently in Switzerland for a week, but for a long time I wasn't sure if I should go or not. Money and time was my biggest reasons not to. - But I don't wanna wait for my life to happen. My life is right here, right now.
So I decided to go and I made it happened. Today I hiked along this beautiful river and even if it's just my first full day here, I'm a 100% sure I made the right decision coming here. ❤️
Another pic from this weekend in northern sweden. There is really no other place that I love to be in as much as the mountains. The mountains makes me calm and relaxed. They make me forget all the problems I might have and the only thing that matters is the moment, the beautiful surroundings and my body that takes me forward. They really makes me feel so alive, so strong and so happy. 🏔💚
Leaving northern Sweden after an amazing spontaneous weekend among the mountains. 
Honestly, I was a bit ambivalent before I went. The tickets were not cheap, but looking back at it: this trip has been worth every cent and I'm so happy for not stopping myself from exploring new parts of this beautiful country. You can't put a price on memories. 💕
Filling our lifes with memorable moments are important, but don't forget to stop and enjoy the moments as well. Don't rush through them. Only this way you'll be able to make memories that will last for the rest of your life. 💕
Pic from my sunrise kayak trip awhile ago, where the incredible stillness of the water only was broken by the drops from my paddle when I stopped to enjoy the sun rising in the horizon. 🌅
Went back to work for the first time today after my summer vacation. Looking back over the summer that's passed I must say that I'm very proud and happy for all the things I've done. I've been hiking and climbing mountains in the US, I've biked around Stockholm, I've been to music festivals, traveled around in my van and explored the stockholm archipelago by boat with my boyfriend and his daughter. And I also been able to really try out my new passion: kayaking! 
For all this I have one very special person to thank. Myself. Without my own choices to do all this, it would never have happened. So remember that, only you are responsible for filling your life with the things you want. 💕
CONTEST: Tag a friend and win a photo print!
In September I will visit the Swedish outdoor festival #UTEFEST and talk about my hike along the Pacific Crest Trail last year. I will also bring my exhibition with photos from the trail. Now you have the chance to win one of the prints! Tag a friend below that you want to set out on an adventure with for your chance to win! 
The winner will be picked at September 4th in collaboration with @utemagasinetsverige

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