Fjällräven Polar 2017

On April 3 2016, I took my first steps on the Pacific Crest Trail and begun my biggest adventure so far. Now it’s cleat that also April 3 2017 will be a day to remember. Then I will, as the jurys choice for Sweden, participate in Fjällräven Polar!


Fjällräven Polar is a dog sled adventure in the nordic wilderness, north of the arctic circle. It will take place on April 3-8 2017. It starts is in Signaldalen, Norway, just north west of Treriksröset and goes thereafter 300 km/186 miles south through Sweden along an ancient sami trade route and ends by the lake Väkkäräjärvi.

The adventure is hold once a year and only a few people are be able to participate. You can’t buy a spot to this event, but who gets to go is decided partly by an official voting and partly by a jury from Fjällräven. This year two representatives from thirteen different countries/country groups will participate, with other words 26 people in total and the competition has been fierce. In total, over 1300 people applied for a spot of which about 100 in Sweden. In the voting I ended up at seventh place with 1 172 votes. The winner for Sweden, Olof Garnegård won with 20 258 votes!

But even though I did not win the voting, I will be able to go to the jury’s choice! I’m so honored to get their vote in this desirable event. Their description for who they searched for was people that ”reflect Fjällräven’s core values and the fundamental ideas behind Fjällräven Polar. And they are to inspire people to spend more time in the outdoors, and to show that experience and background are not the determining factors of a great adventure. Instead it’s passion, dedication and a willingness to try.” This is exactly what I been wanting to do with this website since I started to work on it a little more than a year ago. To help others to find the courage to get out in the wilderness themselves, even if they don’t have any experience. To inspire and motivate. So therefor it feels extra honorable to be selected to go based on this.


As mentioned above, the adventure will start at April 3 and I will of course report from it both before, under (how often depends on the cell reception in the mountains) and afterwards! You can follow me on this adventure here on the blog under the category Fjällräven Polar and also on instagram: wildernessstories

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Fjällräven Polar website

To the swedish site:

Me who runs the blog

... is Linda Åkerberg. I'm a 32 years old photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more about me here


Today's kayak trip along Fyrisån in Uppsala was really great! Now we have entered the city and will be at Fyristorget for some hours to serve food and collect money for @musikhjalpen. Step by if you're in town! ❤️ #paddlaförmusikhjälpen
As the first snow fell over Stockholm and Uppsala yesterday, kayaking might not be the first thing on people's minds. Many we met so far looks at us like we're crazy doing this now but its actually not that bad at all! With the right clothing and gear even the (what we call) worst conditions can turn out really amazing!
Me in the kayak in Fyrisån, Uppsala 🇸🇪
Today 'Paddla för Musikhjälpen' started in Stockholm! And what a awesome day we had! We got everything from sun, snow and hail to dramatic clouds over the city skyline.

Stockholm might be known to many for its night- and citylife, but the fact is that's its a very good city for outdoor activities as well! The whole city is built upon islands which makes it perfect for kayaking and todays route was 10k around one of ones in central Stockholm, Kungsholmen. 
Now we're going to be in Kungträdgården till 20.00 and then we will hang out in the bar at Downtown Camper by Scandic!

Step by, hang out, talk adventure and make a donation to Musikhjälpen!!
After reaching my goal Everest Base Camp and the summit of Lobuche Peak, my journey changed a bit. Having finished what I came for I could now just relax and enjoy my achievements and the beautiful surroundings.
Read more about my hike down to a Lukla in my new blog post at (link in bio) 🗻 ☀️
This is Sofia Johansson /@fjalldrottningen. When Sofia was younger she dreamed of getting the title Fjälldrottning - "Mountain queen", a title you get when you climb 7 specific peaks in Norway in 7 days.
There was just one problem, she couldn't climb. But instead of letting that fact stop her, she did something about it! She applied for @adventureacademysweden with the project and got accepted. During her education she learned the basics of climbing and continued learning on here spare time. Within a year, she not only had learned how to climb, she also managed to climb the peaks, got the title and fulfilled her dream!
So next time you come up with something that stops you from fulfilling your dream, think of Sofia and do something about it instead of giving up! ☀️
Read Sofia full story at the website (link in bio) section #MYWILDERNESSSTORY!
📸: Andreas Karlsson
Between 11-17 December I will participate in a charity project called PADDLA FÖR MUSIKHJÄLPEN.
During this week, me and a bunch of other outdoor enthusiasts will visit seven places between Stockholm and Umeå to set out on kayaking day trips and to collect money for @musikhjalpen
The trips will take place between approximately 10:00 - 15:00 each day and this is the places we'll be visiting:
11th Dec - Stockholm 
12th Dec - Uppsala 
13th Dec - Bollnäs 
14th Dec - Sundsvall 
15th Dec - FriluftsByn / Docksta 
16th Dec - Örnsköldsvik 
17th Dec - Umeå
After the day trip we'll continue to raise money on the streets in town and @ellesutemat will serve vegetarian chili.
You are more than welcome to join us on the paddling trips (own kayak required) or just come and hang out in town in the afternoon/evening! Step by, hang out, talk adventure, eat well and make a donation to @musikhjalpen. Together we can make a difference! ❤️
This summer I found myself a new passion - Kayaking. Now I'm incredibly proud to announce that I will be part of the charity project "Paddla för musikhjälpen" this year! Between 11-17 December, me and a bunch of other outdoor enthusiasts will set out on several kayaking trips at various places by the Swedish east coast to raise money for the charity event @musikhjalpen : "Children are not for sale". ❄️🛶❄️
Read more about the project in my latest blog post at (link in bio)
Ever been wondering what it's like to climb a mountain? Now you can read my story about my climb of Lobuche Peak, 6119 m, at my blog! (link in bio) 🗻
One year ago today, my journey towards one of my greatest adventures so far started. It was the day I decided to apply for a spot in the 300 km dogsled adventure FJÄLLRÄVEN POLAR! A spot that i later got! 
Today @fjallravenofficial opened the application for next years expedition. Maybe it's your turn this time!?💕 ❄️🐺❄️💕
Read more and apply at!

And remember, if you're not applying, it will never be your turn. You have to start your own adventure. ✨

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