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Wilderness Stories is growing and right now I’m working on developing this site. I’m really excited about this and I promise that it will be something special! As I’m working on this, I unfortunately don’t have the time to write my posts in both Swedish in English, but – I have installed a translate function to

My Fjällräven Polar Video

Time flies and this weekend I’ll go to Gothenburg to talk about PCT and Fjällräven Polar at Scandinavian Photo Expo in Mölndal (my talk is 11-12am at friday 12). For this I have put together my own video from my Polar adventure and of course I have to share it with you too as well!

Fjällräven Polar 2017

The sun is shing, snowflakes spinning around in the air. Razor sharp mountains dramatically reaches towards the clear blue sky, Arctic tundra as fa you can see. 300 kilometres wilderness and the only thing that breaks the silence of nature is your own breath, the dog’s paws running across the snow and the whizzing of the sled under

I’m going to Everest Base Camp!

You who have followed me lately knows that I’ve been working on a new large project and today I can finally tell you what it is: I’m going to Everest Base Camp!  At 5364 meters (17598 feet) of altitude, by the foot of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, lies Everest Base Camp. Here do they

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... is Linda Åkerberg. I'm a 32 years old photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Read more about me here


One year ago today, my journey towards one of my greatest adventures so far started. It was the day I decided to apply for a spot in the 300 km dogsled adventure FJÄLLRÄVEN POLAR! A spot that i later got! 
Today @fjallravenofficial opened the application for next years expedition. Maybe it's your turn this time!?💕 ❄️🐺❄️💕
Read more and apply at polar.fjallraven.com!

And remember, if you're not applying, it will never be your turn. You have to start your own adventure. ✨
NEW BLOG POST : After reaching Everest Base Camp, my next goal was to climb the 5550 meter high mountain Kala Patthar. It was a really cold morning and it took a long time for the sun to rise behind the highest mountains in the world. When I got close to the top it finally made it up as well and in just a few minutes everything turned from ice cold to warm and nice.
Here it is between Everest (left) and Nuptse (right). ☀️🏔️
Read the full story and see more pictures at wilderness-stories.com (link in bio)!
Want something to read this Sunday? Now you can read about my days between Lukla and Everest Base Camp on the blog on wilderness-stories.com (link in bio)! ☀️
If you're dreaming of something, never, never, never give up. ❄️ Next person to share his story on the #MYWILDERNESSSTORY section at wilderness-stories.com (link in bio) is Kasper M. De Thurah: @polarekspedisjonen .

I met Kasper on my Fjällräven Polar adventure this spring and his story about how he for three years in a row kept fighting and fighting for his dream to join the adventure is truly inspiring! Check it out! ...And psst, the application for next year's adventure is soon to be open. Maybe it's your turn this time? Keep an eye at @fjallravenofficial for more information.
Wanna know more about my hike from Jiri to Lukla?

As I had some extra time (7 hours!) today due to delays of the flights to/from Lukla, I finally had time to write down my experiences from that part and upload it with a bunch of pictures to the blog!

Check it out at wilderness-stories.com (link in bio)!
It's been some amazing 20 days in the mountains, but tomorrow it's time for me to leave and to fly back to Kathmandu.
There's been three weeks of pain and real hard struggle. There's literally been blood, sweat and tears, but the tears has come from happiness and I've had such a great time too! So many amazing views and so many great memories! 
I wanna thank you all of who's been following along the trip, all of you who's been cheering and sent me sweet messages and happy thoughts. You sure made the hard times a lot easier! From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU! 🙏💕 (you can keep following me here or at wilderness-stories.com - link in bio - where I will post my full story after I've gotten home)
Yesterday I finished the book 'Into Thin Air' by Jon Krakauer about the 1996 Everest disaster. I've been eager to read this book for a long time but I wanted to save it till I actually was in the mountains the book was all about. 
Loved the book, as I loved his other bestseller Into The Wild - but now I don't have anything to read! Any suggestions what I should start with next?
Nature is such a beautiful place. It keeps remind me over and over again. And it's out there. For everyone. You just have to get out there and expose yourself to it. No one is gonna lift you up that couch - but no one is gonna stop you from getting up either. The only one responsible for filling your life with beauty is yourself. ☀️ Pic over one of the most beautiful views I ever seen. From the decent of Lobuche Peak 3 days ago. ❤️
One thing you really get to practice when climbing is controlling your fears. If you let them take over, even a safe situation can turn out bad.

I am, belive it or not, extremely afraid of heights. But by putting myself in these situations, I step by step learn how to control that fear.

This pic is from the ascent of Lobuche Peak. I'd been climbing for hours and at one point I stopped to look around as the sun started to rise. I suddenly realized how steep it was (do you see the tiny people in the middle of the snow field?) and that I would have to climb down the same way. For a second I freezed, but then realized that I had no other choice than to stop those thoughts and continue. After all it went well, I reached the summit - and I made it down.

Most fears are just in your head, learn to control them and you'll feel stronger and more secure in every parts of your life. 💕

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